50/50 Information

“50/50 – Better Than A Warranty”

Our customers have the benefit of a support team working on their behalf daily to assist with repair issues that may come along. We have dedicated repair facilities shops that refuse outside work and only repair ATG owned trucks. In addition, we diligently search for the best repair rates across the nation. We create a partnership for customers to always have a resource to call when they need it.

YES! CUSTOMERS may opt in for 50/50 coverage in any American Truck location for 2 hour diagnostics, major components including motor/engine, transmission gears & bearings, rear end gears and bearings, and ECM. Coverage for the aftertreatment system is available for additional charge as well.

YES! CUSTOMERS may opt in for having all of the benefits extended to shops across the nation. Labor costs at outside shops are paid under the Service Agreement at $32.50/hour.

YES! CUSTOMERS may opt in for taking advantage of a company tow truck, based upon availability, back to an American Truck shop for major repairs. Technical support is also available to customers to help them stay on the road and out of a shop.

YES! As with any service agreement, certain items and parts are excluded, typically wear and tear items. Also, any maintenance item is the responsibility of the customer.

YES! Options are available for purchase that increases the length of the Service Agreement, offers a replacement truck in the event of a total loss accident, and credits the rental payment when the repair exceeds 8 hours of flag/book time.

*Items may differ from individual contract guidelines, please refer to Commercial Truck Rental Agreement for specific coverage. Contract is subject to changes and restrictions within the contract. Please contact our office to get most up to date list of parts covered.