Emergency Breakdown Team

(MON.-FRI. 8am-5pm/CST | Sat 8am-2pm/CST)
Prompt service and assistance
Hassle-Free Support and Assistance
Available during hours provided
Troubleshooting provided over the phone
Provide nearby tow company phone number
Provide nearby repair shop’s phone number

Locate & communicate with shop & customer.
Schedule/arrange truck to be assessed.
Act as a liaison with tow company to schedule/arrange tow.*
Act as a liaison for roadside assistance available when cost is lower than tow.
Provide drop shipping of parts when time and/or cost will be reduced by doing so.
Review repair shop estimate and negotiate prices for you.
Obtain repair shop updates for you.

*Tow is not covered unless it has to come back to NTF and is within 250 mi of dealership.