Emergency Breakdown Team

onyoursideSILVER -Free with contract
(MON.-FRI. 8:00 A.M.-5:00P.M./CST)
Prompt service and assistance
Hassle-Free Support and Assistance
Available during hours provided
Troubleshooting provided over the phone
Provide nearby tow company phone number
Provide nearby repair shop’s phone number

PLATINUM -$ Market Price SILVER benefits plus:
Call Center Hours:
24 Hour “Text Hotline” for EMERGENCY – M-F (7am-9pm C)
ONLY Sat (8am-6pm C)

Locate & communicate with shop & customer.
Schedule/arrange truck to be assessed.
Act as a liaison with tow company to schedule/arrange tow.*
Act as a liaison for roadside assistance available when cost is lower than tow.
Provide drop shipping of parts when time and/or cost will be reduced by doing so.
Review repair shop estimate and negotiate prices for you.
Obtain repair shop updates for you.

*Tow is not covered unless it has to come back to ATG and is within 250 mi of dealership.
Coverage does not begin until after diagnostic has been completed.
Coverage is limited to those repairs covered under the 50/50 plan and 50/50 on parts at our cost.
Coverage is limited to a maximum of $32.50 per hour in labor in outside shops.

Customer hereby elects the coverage initialed above and further understands the charges are assessed weekly
to the customer’s account. Failure to pay any amounts due to National Truck Funding, LLc or it’s affiliates on
due date voids any coverage.