No Idle Engine

ATTENTION: The DPF / DEF system is vulnerable to damage caused by idling your engine.

What you know about a DPF or DEF system in a commercial truckUnderstanding “Step One” Operator Responsibility:

The ECM on the motor will tell the tech if your idling the motor too much. If the ECM reads too much idle time, the DPF will become solely your responsibility. If the warranty companies feel user error is the problem, you will not be covered.


We Buy Premium 2000 Plus Warranties

We Buy Premium 2000 Plus Warranties

This warranty covers your engine but may still be affected by misuse of DPF/DEF.
Oil changes MUST be maintained every 15,000 Milesas well or THIS WARRANTY is VOIDED.

Pre Trip Inspections Must Be Performed Every Day
What a dirty DPF looks like

Idling You Motor Just One Night This Is What Happens Wet Raw Fuel Does.

what a DPF looks like ATER BEING REGEN

This Is What Happens To The Filter and Sensors – When You Drive The Truck After Idling The Motor.

What you need to know about a DPF or DEF system in a commercial truckDuring “Idle Time” The Turbo Is Not In Operation & Doesn’t Spin:

Doesn’t Heat Up The Exhaust After Treatment System, To Burn Off The Idled Unburnt Fuels – That Has Coated The Filter And Sensors.

Then when you get on the interstate driving the raw fuel coating turn into a hard crusty covering filters and sensors and cause problems immediately the rates in day’s.


DEF Cutaway