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  • Coast to Coast, we got you covered August 30, 2016
    At American Truck Group, LLC, we know down time due to mechanical failure can lead to lost job opportunities, late deliveries, and large expenses. This is we built a breakdown team and an unlimited mileage 50/50 parts & service 5 year commercial truck service plan into our program. The breakdown team is on call, ready […]
  • Our Breakdown Team May 13, 2016
    Why is our Breakdown team at American Truck Group, LLC so important? When a driver is in a crisis, it is crucial that they have someone to help them immediately. Our breakdown team is there to troubleshoot small problems, find a tow truck to get them to a safe place, find an reliable shop nearby, […]
  • Driving Habits that may affect Fuel efficiency February 24, 2015
    Improved driving habits may save on Fuel. See 10 Tips below to see if your habits help or hurt your fuel consumption. 1. No Idling. If your rig remains parked for a short period of time, take the opportunity to turn off your engine. Reduce the time you spend at idle. 2. Watch your speed. […]

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  • Get Things Rolling With ATG Coverage September 16, 2015
    At American Truck Group, LLC, we are always updating our program to better serve your needs. With our team coverage unlike any competitor in the industry, our efforts are in place to help you build a better tomorrow, today.
  • Master Engine Rebuilders January 14, 2015
    As experienced master engine rebuilders, whether you have a Cummins ISX, Detroit, Volvo or CAT under your hood, our certified technicians at American Truck Group have the technology and skill to rebuild any deisel engine. Above is a ISX that has been completely broken down for repair, cleaned and rejuvenated, and is now back burning […]
  • Santa arrives at the Gulf Coast Dealership in style January 2, 2015
    American Truck Group, LLC sponsors a visit from Santa Clause to the Gulfport, MS location for their neighborhood Boy’s & Girl’s Club of America. This annual celebration begins with the arrival of Santa who’s sleigh is pulled by a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia reindeer, selected from the newest inventory in the showroom. American Truck Group, LLC […]
  • Thanks for giving this holiday! December 1, 2014
    The gulf coast dealership hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the local Children’s shelter which turned our to be a great success. We would like to shout out a big thank you to all who have participated in the event this year, especially the department to bring the most donations, Compliance and Insurance. All combined efforts are […]
  • American Truck Group, LLC Collision Center October 20, 2014
    Having a collision center has really helped our customers at American Truck Group who have sustained body damage during a collision. Chances are, you don’t have much time to wait on a place in a body shop that can caters to commercial vehicles. The truth is, there aren’t many body shops out there that take […]
  • Rods & Mains July 29, 2014
    When you open up an engine and look inside, you can tell a lot about whether it has been taken care of or not. Our certified mechanic replaces the Rods & Mains on this C-15 engine. Find out what you can tell from this procedure and the importance behind it. Rods & Mains Part I […]
  • June is Lane Courtesy Month June 18, 2014
    From passenger cars to 18-wheelers, every vehicle on the road is kept safe by adherence to traffic laws. Some of these, however, are routinely ignored. One law that doesn’t get enough attention is proper use of the left lane. Most states require a driver in the left lane to move if faster cars are nearby. […]
  • D-Day Memorial June 6, 2014
      On Jun 6th, 1944, the Allies began Operation Overlord with the amphibious assault at Normandy, France. Take today to remember with American Truck Group the bravery and sacrifice of Americans and other Allied troops that day.
  • Happy Memorial Day from ATG May 24, 2014
    From all of us at American Truck Group Gulfport, we hope that everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Stay safe out there on the roads.
  • Department of Transportation to Mandate Electronic Tracking in All Trucks April 24, 2014
    A bill proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), part of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is poised to automate trip logging in the commercial trucking industry. Likely to go into effect in 2016, the bill will require all commercial trucks to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to track the time spent driving […]

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  • GIADA Certification and Compliance January 24, 2017
    American Truck Group of Atlanta teams up with GIADA for the most up to date information regarding compliance standards and laws to properly follow business regulations. 2017 official members of GIADA, Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association and on a National level, NIADA Membership keeps us in the know for our industry from observed adaptations in […]
  • Semi-Truck Collision Repair February 10, 2016
    American Truck Group, LLC is pleased to offer repair on all makes and models of program vehicles. Our body shop is equipped with different tools and techniques to repair from a range of high-tech cabs to simple classic cabs. Truckers can prevent some semi body repair by having regular preventive maintenance and truck servicing done […]
  • Your ride, your office, your home. September 2, 2015
    You bet it is important. At American Truck Group, LLC, we know your commercial truck is more than a means to an end. Yes, as an asset, your main goal is making money. See why owner-operators and independent drivers choose American Truck Group, LLC for building their trucking business. Our Showrooms feature late model class […]