Preventative Maintenance

Get out and look
Get out, check all fluid levels and look for oil & coolant leaks, look at your brakes, listen for air leaks, look at air bags and be certain to check for any DOT violations
It is like flying a plane -check it out before you fly it!

ATTENTION ALL RENTERS! Renter Maintenance Required:

You are responsible for performing and paying for regular maintenance services as specified in the manufacturer’s owner’s guide in order to have coverage under our 50/50 agreement and you must send us the receipts.
You must perform, on at least a daily basis, a pre-trip inspection for safety and to discover mechanical failures before they happen. You have agreed to:

  • Maintain Coolant at manufacturers’ recommended level and check at each oil change
    Change Lube, Oil & Filters (10,000 miles)
  • Oil in Transmission and Rear Ends (100,000 miles)
  • Fuel Filters (10,000 miles or earlier)
  • Air Cleaner (20,000 miles)
  • Inspect Air Inlet System at each oil change
  • Lube Oil every 15,000 miles
  • Change Batteries as needed
  • Inspect Belts daily and change as needed
  • Tires – replace any tire which shows tread wear in excess of 50%
  • INSPECT DAILY the gauges on dash, wheel seals, transmission seals, and motor seals; look for and locate oil leaks; maintain the Truck body, glass, and all interior compartments, the air pressure system, brake system, heat and air conditioning system, electrical system, fuel system, exhaust system, and all other systems, attachments, appointments and finishes in good working condition.

DPF filters
If your DPF is plugged,you can tell immediately because the engine derates, it may get as low as 5-30 mph.
Your exhaust after treatment system (DPF) should regen on a regular basis.
DPF filters must be cleaned every 250,000 miles.

Clean Battery Connections
Your battery controls your transmission, your computer, and your truck! If corrosion occurs on the lines, this may cause a number of issues with anything it controls.

If you can read the code on the truck, you can Google that code and it will tell you what caused the code.

Click here for pretrip inspection.