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Even if you’re independent, you need to have reliance. Our NATIONWIDE 50/50 Better Than a Warranty is coupled with Trucker Super Saver for offering unlimited mileage coverage. Have peace of mind so you can enjoy the drive!
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These benefits were built with the Independent driver in mind to provide extra savings, security and reliability.
Super Saver Program
Deductible=$ 50% of cost Deductible Modifications
American-Trucks_stylized_logo_thumb2 Commercial Vehicle Breakdown Coverage – Update your coverage today!
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  • Prompt service and assistance
  • Hassle-Free Support and Assistance
  • Available during hours provided
  • Troubleshooting provided over the phone
  • Provide nearby tow company phone number
  • Provide nearby repair shop’s phone number
  • Locate & communicate with shop & customer.
  • Schedule/arrange truck to be assessed.
  • Act as a liaison with tow company to schedule/arrange tow.*
  • Act as a liaison for roadside assistance available when cost is lower than tow.
  • Provide drop shipping of parts when time and/or cost will be reduced by doing so.
  • Review repair shop estimate and negotiate prices for you. • Obtain repair shop updates for you.

Call Center Hours: – M-F(8am-6pm C) Sat(8am-3pm C)

Breakdown Assistance Procedures

It is important for you to continually monitor and evaluate your situation and conditions and become familiar with some general suggestions and guidelines. Failure to adhere to reporting and pre-authorization requirements is a breach of this Agreement and may result in NTF denying coverage.

  1. Pull off to a safe area, switching on your emergency/safety flashers. Place flares or warning triangles as required by your haul carrier and/or the FMSCA.
    • Note your vehicle’s location using landmarks, mile markers, exit numbers, etc.
  2. Assess your vehicle’s operating problem – check the gauges, listen for any unusual sounds, etc.
  3. Communicate your situation:
    • Call and report the incident to NTF’s Breakdown Team at: (228) 206-4056 – remember, unreported claims and claims performed at shops not preauthorized will not be covered.
    • NTF’s breakdown team may be able to assist you in employing basic roadside problem-solving techniques to get the vehicle going without the need for a tow. If the breakdown is due to more severe mechanical or electrical problems, the vehicle will need to be towed to a service center.
*Tow is not covered unless it has to come back to ATG and is within 250 mi of dealership. Coverage does not begin until after diagnostic has been completed. Coverage is limited to those repairs covered under the 50/50 plan and 50/50 on parts at our cost. Coverage is limited to a maximum of $32.50 per hour in labor in outside shops.

Make a claim

For specific details on coverage, contact your customer service representative.

All Customers must provide proof that they have changed the oil in the past 12000 miles and cleaned their battery terminals.
Protection Plan is a service agreement subject to limitations and restrictions within the contract.