Trucker Super Saver Program

NTF_favsupersaveNational Truck Funding’s Trucker Super Saver Program was established to make the following modifications to American Truck Group LLC’s 50/50 Power Protection Plans.
These benefits were built with the Independent driver in mind to provide extra savings, security and reliability.

50/50 Power Protection Plan
The 50/50 Coverage is extended to a unlimited miles with the Trucker Super Saver Program.

Down Time Assurance- When your truck is in the shop over 8 hours-
National Truck Funding, LLC will waive customer’s payment for the time period the truck is in a shop for any one repair item in which flag time is in excess of 8 hours. Payment will only be waived for the time the truck is in the shop over the 8 hour period. The repair must be a regularly covered item under the 50/50 service agreement for coverage to apply. The customer is responsible for keeping account current while the truck is being repaired.

In the event the customer is not able to take advantage of the 50/50 Plan, National Truck Funding, LLC’s CPP will assist in finding a repair facility and arrange for discounted labor and parts , if possible.

Safe Trip Agreement-
The Safe Trip Agreement provides minimal protection in the event of an accident or if the Truck suffers a major loss due to fire, theft, collision, overturn or natural disaster. Vehicle replacement to the customer is if the customer is in an accident & the truck is deemed a total loss. Safe Trip Agreement does not replace insurance, it is exclusively a damage waiver. Any accident must be a covered loss under the Safe Trip Agreement to apply. Customer must meet all provisions of the Commercial Truck Rental Agreement, specifically including insurability, for benefit to apply.

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*refer to contract term and conditions of limited warranty or for specific details on coverage, contact your customer service representative.